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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Joe Giudice Insults Teresa and More WTF Moments from Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4, Episode 16: “Whine Country”

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was all types of awkward. Somewhere between Jacqueline and Teresa’s maybe reunion and Joe Giudice’s call to his maybe mistress, we were ready to make like a Housewife and kick back with a Solo cup of vino. But, of course with this group, we couldn’t relax just yet, because trouble is never more than a few drinks away, with their ongoing Napa Valley fiasco giving us more than enough wine-infused drama to wade through.

Somehow, we managed to narrow all of this down, so read on for our top five WTF moments from Season 4, Episode 16 and feel free to add your own in the comments below!

1. Melissa Makes Nice?

Even though Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice’s on-again off-again friendship was the topic of the hour, Melissa Gorga is never one to be left out. It looked like all smiles and air kisses in their RV, with Melissa even going so far as to counsel her sister-in-law in the ways of feminine friendship, but it seems she could have used a lesson in that department herself. Melissa couldn’t resist getting one final not so subtle jab in, calling Teresa a “media whore,” and then offering to release her sex tape not exactly BFF behavior. Somehow, our fave fabulicious gal brushed it off, leading us to believe she’s got more pressing things on her mind.

2. Jacque-oh no!

Oh Jacqueline, poor, sweet, naive Jacqueline. We love our Vegas vamp, but let’s be honest, her poker face needs a lot more work. All season, she’s been going back and forth between loving her oldest friend, Teresa, and wishing she’d take a hike. And this week was no different, as Teresa managed to worm her way back into Jacqueline’s heart. Though Jac assured the other housewives that she’s no fool, her optimistic (and slightly delusional) attitude towards the situation gave her away. Fool me once, Jacqueline ...

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3. Isn’t it Joe-mantic?

Ah, aren’t vacations romantic? Tours through the vineyard, sunset dinners, and Joe Gorga climbing on top of priceless family heirlooms. Well, the group probably didn’t bank on that last one, but that’s certainly what they got. Between his mounting the Lancaster Estate lion, trying to catch grapes in his mouth, and equating his wife’s *ahem* to a fine wine, we weren’t sure how the others kept their drinks down. Though we love Joe’s antics, there’s a time and a place, and a meeting with a potential business partner is certainly not one of them. Just ask Chris Laurita.

4. Toasted

It seems like Teresa still can’t stand to be outdone, because she managed to outdo her brother Joe, and alienate the entire group by saying just a few choice words. Or rather, not saying certain things. A “thank you” to her long-suffering cousin was suspiciously missing from her heartfelt toast at their last supper, making it all too obvious that Kathy Wakile is still on her hit list after their not so sweet dessert recipe standoff. Though Kathy tried her best to stay gracious, her new buddy, Caroline Manzo, couldn’t stand the shutout, refusing to even raise her glass to the awkward toast.

5. Phone Call Fiasco

And still, nothing compared to the colossally catastrophic moment that Joe Giudice stepped away from Caroline’s birthday dinner to make a call to a mysterious “co-worker.” Forgetting that walking 10 feet away from Bravo’s cameras doesn’t mean they can’t see and hear you, Joe treated us to an earful of obscenities, mostly directed at wife Teresa, who quickly came hustling towards him. After some pathetic excuses and a quickie amongst the grapes, they returned, but we doubt Teresa (or we) will be able to forget the bitter taste of that moment, no matter how many Fabellinis she drinks.