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Joey Pollari and Alex Frnka Hype Their New MTV Show The Inbetweeners – Exclusive

The Inbetweeners is a MTV teen sitcom based on a popular British show by the same name. Sounds like Skins, huh? But unlike that show, The Inbetweeners isn’t about teenage miscreants. And unlike many other teen TV shows, it isn’t about quarterbacks or cheerleaders or freaks and geeks. It’s about four guys who are just average high school students — and the anonymity of not being a high school archetype.

In preparation for the premiere of The Inbetweeners tonight, we pried more details out of stars Alex Frnka and Joey Pollari at the Do Something Awards last night. Here’s the exclusive interview.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about The Inbetweeners.

Alex Frnka: We are so excited. It’s a great show about a group of high-schoolers who go through a lot of ups and downs but stay close with their friends. There’s girls and parties…

Joey Pollari: ...and plenty of failure and awkward moments.

How is it different from other teen shows?

Joey: I think we’re speaking to the classic kids that are ignored often. We’re talking about the constant failure that most kids go through in high school. I think that’s just one reason to watch because you can relate with that.

Alex: I think it’s really good at mixing so many laughable pee-in-your-pants moments with moments that will just make you go, “Oh yeah, that’s what life is about.” It has so much heart and so many laughs.

What will we see tonight?

Joey: We’re going to see Will, my character, move from private school to public school and get stuck with three guys that he thinks he is better than — and realize by the end that these might be the best friends that he’s possibly got.

Alex: And my character gets into a sticky situation with Will and Simon (Bubba Lewis). It was fun to film.

Joey: You have to watch!

Any hints in regards to the rest of the season?

Joey: Someone might get some. Someone might get close. That is the biggest thing possible. And it’s a very small fraction of some.

The Inbetweeners premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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