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Dancing With The Stars

Tristan MacManus “Secretly Hoped” to Get Pamela Anderson – Are His Mates Jealous?

When Tristan MacManus said things would be "very different" dancing with Pamela Anderson on Dancing With the Stars Season 15 All-Stars, there probably should've been a cartoon bubble over his head with his eyes popping out and tongue rolling on the floor.

He's not upset about being partnered with the only non-finalist in the group. Are you kidding? In fact, he told the Sunday Mirror, "I was delighted when I got paired with Pamela because I was secretly hoping for her. She was on the show a few seasons before I joined the cast so I remember thinking how great it would be to be paired with her."

He added, "My mates have obviously all been in touch since and have become my biggest fans all of a sudden." Ha! So if we see a bunch of ogling Irishmen in the DWTS audience, it's just Tristan's new "fan club."

Pamela has said she's swearing off men until DWTS is over, but that doesn't include Tristan — who has some ideas of his own. “You know yourself, when you wake up with a hangover you always say you’ll never drink again. I’ll be living the life I always do. I think you need a release after a hard day’s work and once you can focus on your objective and don’t slack you will achieve your goals."

Pam tends to like the bad boys and even though Tristan is a sweetie, the tattooed lad (who is rumored to already have a girlfriend) does have a rebellious side.

“I’m going to enjoy the experience as much as I can and we will have a lot of fun and probably get into a bit of trouble, but that’s the good part of the job — being able to do that and still put the work in."

Be careful, Tris — Pam tends to marry the guys she gets in trouble with!

Source: Sunday Mirror

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