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True Blood

Where Did Eric and Nora Go on True Blood?

Like most vampire siblings, Eric and Nora are passionately in love and want nothing more than to get their incest on in random locations around the dirty south. They're also mutually obsessed with their ghostly vampire father, Godric, and want to take down The Authority in his name.

Thanks to Eric's brilliant escape plan, he and Nora were able to ditch Authority Headquarters, where they promptly slaughtered their guards, gave each other a meaningful look, and flew off into the night sky. Um, guys? Please explain yourselves.

As far as we're concerned, there are three possibilities for where Eric and his sister-lover jetted off to.

1. Viking Ville: Bill Compton might be Queen of Louisiana, but Eric is a Viking King who used to get his kicks sexing-up scullery maids. We have a feeling his Swedish vampire forefathers will welcome him home with open arms and popped fangs — plus, these folks have a reputation for being peace-loving hippies.

2. The North Sea: Remember when Eric had that dirty dream about Sookie wherein he chatted about his tragic childhood by The North Sea and cried about his daddy issues? So do we, and yes — we're still gently sobbing. Anyway, Eric is clearly attached to his past as a wayward seafarer, so it's only natural that he and Nora would become Swedish pirates. Well, at least pirates living in a cave, far out of the sun.

3. Sookie's Basement: Sookie is too busy exploring the terrifying world of tutus and modern dance to bother checking in at home, which means her vampire bunker is free for the taking. Don't forget that Eric technically owns The Sookster's house, so he and Nora can come and go as they please. Hopefully, they'll have Narnia snow sex while they're at it — Sookie's bathroom is a magical place!

Where do you think Eric and Nora are hiding, Truebies? Get your vote on!



08.21.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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