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True Blood

Who Will Die in True Blood’s Season 5 Finale?

War is coming on the True Blood Season 5 finale, and things aren’t looking faerie good for anyone.

In the intense promo for “Save Yourself," airing Sunday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, there will be blood and betrayal, but who will be caught in the crossfire? Apparently not Russell, who drank the elder faerie dry and is now immune to their blasts of light.

With all of the talk about a crazy, bloody, death-filled finale, we are guessing at least one of our favorite characters will die. Here are five that we’re particularly nervous about, but feel free to weigh in below with your suggestions and predictions!

5. Sam

When Pam and Sam passed each other in The Authority’s jail, they were shocked, but considering that Sam “volunteered as tribute” last night, we wouldn’t be all-too-surprised if he was dead by the end of Season 5. In the promo, Bill says that the shifter knows too much and pops his fangs out, which usually doesn’t mean good news for the person in front of him.

4. Jessica

Before Bill became a crazy Sanguinista, he was a loving — albeit absentee — father to his progeny, Jessica. But after she murdered a few vampire guards and blatantly disobeyed his orders to turn Jason into a vampire, he wasn’t havin’ it. There’s an unfortunately high chance that Bill will stake Jess next time she acts out instead of just slapping her across the face.

3. Pam

Since Pam was just hauled off to The Authority after taking the fall for killing Sheriff Elijah, we’re guessing she’ll either be put on vampire trial or immediately face the true death. While we doubt that they would kill off the master of one-liners, it would be quite a shock for fans if she exploded, and we know how the True Blood writers love a good shock!

2. Russell

Even though the promo shows Russell not being affected by the faerie’s light, that doesn’t mean the elder’s blood won’t quickly wear off. We’re hoping the sun comes out soon and fries Russell to bits, but if not, hopefully wooden bullets will rain on his parade.

1. Bill

Our once-favorite vampire has gone totally crazy this season. If he doesn’t snap out of Sanguinista mode soon, we’re guessing that the vampire war won’t treat him well. If Salome doesn’t kill him in “chosen one” battle, then there’s a line of humans, vamps, and supes waiting to stake him. Although Eric may try to help Bill one last time, it may be too late for this Lilith lover to be saved.

What do you think, Truebies? Vote below!

OMG! I'm so nervous!

Eh. They won't kill off main characters.