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Amber Portwood Agrees to Give Gary Shirley Full Custody of Leah in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 11

Amber's been out of rehab for what — three weeks? — and she's already spiraled down into another fit ugly-crying (possibly due to her consistently infected thumb piercings).

Girlfriend isn't spending enough time with Leah thanks to a no-contact order with her lovable baby daddy/undiscovered singer-songwriter, Gary Shirley, and lets just say everything is super tense. Almost as tense as the face we make when Gary rocks one of his Ed Hardy T-shirts.

Gary and Amber are trying to keep their relationship civil, but Leah's day care is a huge source of contention — especially since Amber doesn't have the funds to pay for it. To make matters worse, Leah's starting to say adorably tragic things like "I need you" and "Please wait" whenever Amber leaves, and she just can't handle the heartbreak.

Amber and Gary meet up to discuss the custody sitch, and they make the mutual decision that Gary will file for full custody in order to get CPS off their backs. Yikes, this means Amber has to sign over her rights!

We have complete faith that Gary will let Ambs see Baby Leah whenever she wants, but is it really a good idea that she give up all her legal leverage?

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