Countess LuAnn Picks a Side on RHONY: Heather Was Right, Ramona Was “Crazy”
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Real Housewives of New York

Countess LuAnn Picks a Side on RHONY: Heather Was Right, Ramona Was “Crazy”

Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn de Lesseps is speaking up about that overheard conversation between Aviva Drescher and Ramona Singer in which they mocked her boyfriend Jacques’s French accent (Season 5, Episode 12: "All How You Spin It").

To refresh, Aviva and Ramona were overheard making fun of Jacques’s French accent, and Heather Thomson stepped in and confronted Aviva right then and there about the smack talk. But it turned into a big fallout between Ramona (who overheard their convo) and Heather, during which Heather outright called Ramona Mario’s “crazy wife” right in front of him. Aviva, meanwhile, took Ramona’s side on the matter.

In her latest Bravo blog, LuAnn spoke her mind about the matter — which all happened after she’d already left — writing, “Wow...did things go downhill after we left.” That’s an understatement.

LuAnn continued, “Ramona eavesdropping on Heather and Aviva's conversation then yelling at Heather for having the conversation is vintage Ramona. To me, Heather was in the right and she was catching hell for defending Jacques and calling out the group on their immaturity. I say, ‘Well done Heather.’”

LuAnn also questioned Aviva’s logic in carrying on the conversation with Heather when she could probably see Ramona eavesdropping.

“Couldn't Aviva see Ramona lurking behind Heather?” LuAnn wrote. “Why didn't she say something instead of allowing Ramona to overhear the conversation? Heather apologized right away for the crazy remark — but there's no doubt in my mind that Ramona was acting a bit crazy that night.”

LuAnn added on Twitter, “Is Aviva changing her tune with Ramona?” Great question! Now, an even better question might be “Isn’t LuAnn changing her tune with Ramona?”

Source: Bravo TV, @CountessLuAnn

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