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Male Birth Control Could Be on Its Way to a Pharmacy Near You — But Would Your Man Really Take the Pill?

As the stars of MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom have demonstrated, women carry most of the burden when it comes to sex. Sure, men have to worry about a variety of issues, including STIs and the emotional repercussions of intimacy, but they don't have to worry about missing their next menstrual cycle.

Thankfully, ladies were blessed with a little miracle called birth control, which first became legal after an epic Supreme Court ruling in 1965. Since then, women have enjoyed sexual freedoms that were once deemed impossible. However, the pill isn't always 100 percent effective — just look at Farrah Abraham, who got pregnant the night she lost her virginity.

The onus of family planning has long fallen on the woman, but according to a new study by The Cell, all of that could change in the next few years with the development of male birth control.

Say what?!

It may sound crazy, but researchers have recently made a major breakthrough in the quest for male contraceptive. We'll leave the science part to the scientists and sum it up for you in layman's terms: A new chemical was discovered that can make a man temporarily "forget" how to produce sperm. And not only that, but the chemical might also prove useful in treating cancer patients!

If you're thinking it sounds too good to be true, you might be onto something. Although the pill didn't produce any known side effects in laboratory mice, it failed to stop the creation of all new sperm — it simply reduced the number. But according to io9, those sperm were much weaker swimmers.

So while scientists are busy working to bring male contraceptives to a pharmacy near you, the reality could be years away. Regardless, we want to get your thoughts on this new little pill that could change everything.

Would you ask your man to take birth control, or should the responsibility fall on the woman indefinitely?

Source: i09, The Week, The Cell, MSNBC

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08.22.2012 / 02:48 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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