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Teen Mom

Why Did Ryan Edwards Call Maci Bookout “F—ing Stupid” in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 11?

Time to bust out your most celebratory dirt bike, y'all — Baby Bentley's birthday is upon us! There's nothing better than a kid's b-day party (guilt-free carbs, yes!), but Benny's big moment is pure drama.

According to Maci and Ryan's unofficial custody agreement, Ryan has Bentley on his birthday, so Maci and Kyle throw him a party at Pump It Up the day before. Fair 'nuff. Maci decides to do "the right thing" and invite her ex-lovah and his tribe of dirt-bike riding homies to join in the fun, but the whole thing turns into a hot mess.

Turns out, Ryan doesn't want to come to Maci's party because he thinks it'll be awkward (note: nothing is more awkward than the giant armpit holes in Ryan's tank top), which means Bentley's hopes are dashed. Luckily, Bents has a great day full of miniature trains and Sponge Bob Square Pants (best birthday ever), but Maci's peeved at Ryan for ditching.

Meanwhile, Ryan's furious Maci for not checking in before asking Bentley to invite him to the shindig, so he storms over to Pump It Up and tells her she's "f—ing stupid." Well, that's one way to celebrate your kid turning three. Why do we have a feeling that these two won't resolve their issues before the Teen Mom finale?

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