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The Bachelorette

Are Holly and Blake Julian Getting Ready to Have a Baby?

As we get rickrolled by the trainwreck that is Bachelor Pad 3, we get nostalgic for the greatest Bachelor Pad love story of all time: Holly Durst and Blake Julian. Now happily married (if you feel like crying, check out this footage of Blake tearing up as Holly walks down the aisle), the BP2 lovebirds just returned from their honeymoon — and got a new puppy! So, inquiring minds want to know: when will we meet a smiley little Blolly baby?

Holly says her future momhood isn’t long off. Answering fan questions on Twitter (via Sulia), Holly says:

“As much as we are excited to have a family, we are going to try to wait at least until next year! We love our life and really enjoy just the two of us... Well three of us if we want to include our sweet little girl, Molar Bear. She is a handful and definitely preparing us for being parents!”

The countdown begins!

Source: Sulia