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Barbara Evans Accuses Jenelle of Filming a Sex Tape — And Then Asks For Her Help!

Try as she might, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans can't stay away from drama! This poor gal is fresh off a nude photo scandal, and now her sister, Ashleigh, has decided to sell a story about her to Star Magazine. Uncool, sista-friend.

In the story, Ashleigh accuses Jenelle of stealing $500 –– so Jenelle retaliated by posting a disturbing video of Ash having a meltdown, and then turned to her mom for help. Unfortunately, Babs was less that supportive.

Jenelle and her mom haven't always gotten along, but Jenelle was shocked that Babs took her sister's side. Even worse? She supports Ashleigh's threat to expose an alleged porn video of Jenelle!

And no, girlfriend definitely does not have a porno floating around the interwebs. "This text isn't true," Jenelle tweeted, along with a screenshot of a text convo with Babs. "There isn't a porno of me but this is what my mom said. I can't stop crying. She hates me..."

Credit: MTV    

And to make matters worse, Barbara is now apparently asking for Jenelle's help with Jace (Barbara currently has custody of him), just hours after the whole sex tape fiasco. Jenelle posted a picture of another text conversation, in which Barbara offers to pay her daughter's car insurance in exchange for Jace's bed.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle is beyond ticked at her mom's business proposition. "Asking ME for help now?" she tweeted. "No he can live with me!"

Aww, Jenelle! Let's keep our fingers crossed that this gal and her mom can move past the drama for Jace's sake. Can't we all just get along?

Do you think Barbara has the right to ask for Jenelle's help? Tell us below!

Source: Star Magazine via Radar Online / Twitter / Twitter / Twitter

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08.23.2012 / 11:58 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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