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Dancing With The Stars

Drew Lachey: Athletes Have an Advantage on DWTS

Everything on Dancing With the Stars has been notched up to 11 since way back when Drew Lachey won with Cheryl Burke in Season 2.

When Drew won there was a cast of 10, not 13 like on Season 15 All-Stars. The show had only eight episodes, not 10. There were no instant dances. No three or four dances a week. No massive wardrobe department. "They had a little costume room and now they like have a sweat shop," Drew joked to Parade in a recent interview.

One thing that hasn't changed is the demographics of who tends to do well — athletes and performers, with athletes tending to win more often than not. "A lot of it comes down to [athletes] being able to take coaching," Drew explained. "They're able to listen, they're 100% focused on the goal. While performers, by trade, we're a little more creative and out there. So athletes have that advantage."

That said, Drew has some skills that maybe Cheryl didn't quite tap into back in 2006 because her partner was too distracted. "There are certain things I can do physically that we didn't quite take advantage of [on season 2],” Drew dished to Parade. “Not necessarily tricks but I'm more athletic than we took advantage of."

And he still won! So imagine how well he could do at maximum capacity.

Another thing that will help Drew as a performer is his sense of musicality. "It's weird, I listen to music in general and I go, 'wow, that would make a really good salsa, or a really good Cha Cha.' And I'm like, 'what is wrong with you! stop thinking in those terms!'"

Actually, his new partner might appreciate him thinking in those terms. Anna Trebunskaya has never competed with a pop star/performer, so Drew could be just what she needs to finally get her own Mirror Ball trophy.

For more from Drew, check out the whole interview at Parade.

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the full All-Stars cast list here.

Source: Parade

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