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True Blood

Is Russell Edgington Warlow on True Blood?

True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse has dealt with many unwelcome visitors in her life, but nothing compares to Warlow’s bathroom haunting.

After she inhabited his body — or at least his memories — under the bridge where her parents were killed, the ghost of Warlow popped up behind her and creepily said, “I’m coming for you. You are mine!” Although both Bill and Eric have said that to her in the past, it’s not quite the same when no one is naked.

Over the past few episodes, Sookie has done some digging, and found out that the next Stackhouse fae born (aka Sook) was actually promised to Warlow back in the 1700s on an ancient scroll contract. However, she still doesn’t have an inkling as to who Warlow actually is.

While identity theories have been popping up left and right, there’s one standout that has Truebies faerie worried: Russell Edgington.

It’s no secret that Russ has been after Sookie’s blood since he first tasted her at the end of Season 3. While the effects of it wore off too quickly to do much sun walking, his sole mission has been to find and bottle faerie blood so he can enjoy both day and night.

Russell is also currently the oldest vampire on True Blood. He would have been able to sign that contract with the Stackhouse family, and then use Queen Sophie-Anne’s knowledge of Sookie to finally capture the coveted faerie.

At the same time, Russell seemed too surprised about how amazing faerie blood tasted to have known about it for thousands of years. If he had been promised a Stackhouse way back when, he definitely would have found Sookie much earlier.

The devil is also in the details. Sookie can’t read vampire’s minds, so it could mean that Warlow is half fae. Also, why would Warlow come to Sookie as a spirit in her bathroom if he was alive and well, hanging out at The Authority?

We have a lot of questions, and hopefully we’ll get answers in next week’s finale. What do you think, Truebies? Is Warlow really Russell? Weigh in below, and leave any other potential Warlows in the comments!

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