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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kelsey Grammer Refuses to Speak Ex-Wife Camille’s Name, Says He “Owed” Her Fame

If you want to hear Kelsey Grammer’s side of the story about his marriage to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer, tune into Oprah's Next Chapter. In an upcoming interview, the Boss star and his new wife, Kayte, speak with Oprah about the dissolution of his last marriage, and it’s not very pretty.

Kelsey has said previously that RHoBH was a “parting gift” for Camille (though she thinks he just wanted to keep her distracted), but in the Oprah interview Kelsey says, “I did believe I owed something to that person.” Yeah, “that person” being Camille and that “something” meaning fame. Apparently Kelsey refuses to speak the name of the woman he was married to for 13 years — the mother of two of his children.

Kelsey goes on to say, sarcastically, that he felt obligated to make her famous “because she had given up so much to endure this horrible life she had with me.”

Based on this snippet of interview, we’d say she did have to put up with some pretty awful stuff — even before Kelsey ever cheated on her.

The rest of the interview airs Sunday night at 9 pm ET/PT on OWN.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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