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The Bachelorette

Source: Jef Holm and Emily Maynard “Have Already Come Close to Breaking Up” – Exclusive

In a new interview posted earlier today, Jef Holm’s brother confirmed that Jef and fiancée Emily Maynard got into a huge fight over another man during a recent family vacation. Since the story went up, fans of “Jemily” have expressed shock and outrage – but for the couple’s inner circle, the scandal isn’t that surprising. In fact, a source close to Jef and Emily exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment things between the Bachelorette couple have been so bad since the finale taping, the couple has already come close to splitting!

“Jef has been complaining that they have nothing in common,” the source tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “He even says they’ve already come close to breaking up once since the finale.”

Emily has been voicing similar feelings. “She’s sounded frustrated,” says the source. “She says Jef doesn’t like to do anything. She says she thinks he’s boring. It’s funny, because he says the same thing about her. He’s been telling people, ‘I know she has a kid and everything, but she never wants to go out.’” Emily meanwhile, has implied Jef should consider himself lucky she picked him. “I heard her say, ‘I made him famous,’” adds the source.

Despite the fact that both Jef and Emily yesterday insisted all is well in their relationship, it appears that’s not entirely the case. “Right now, I think they’re in denial mode because they’re embarrassed,” the source concludes. “But I don’t know if they’ll be able to recover from this.”