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Who Is Emily Thorne’s Biggest Threat on Revenge?

When revenge goes to the top of your agenda, chances are that the enemy list will pile up. In the case of Revenges Emily Thorne, her red Sharpie is getting a bit worn out.

In Season 1, Tyler Barrol turned out to be one of the biggest obstacles in Em’s way, but come Season 2, there’s a whole host of baddies looking to take down this badass blondie.

So, will it be the White-Haired Man who Emily allowed to live? He does have a knack for killing people and uncovering Emily’s secrets.

Or maybe it’ll be ladder-climber and former bestie, Ashley Davenport, who stole Em’s ex-fiance, Daniel Grayson, and seems willing to do anything to hold an elite title in the Hamptons.

Em’s former mentor Satoshi Takeda also isn’t looking too good these days, ever since we’ve learned that he’s involved with Emily being tied to a wooden post in the middle of the ocean. Could his lessons put Emily’s life in jeopardy? From the looks of her water-filled excursion — definitely!

Let’s not forget that Amanda Clarke (or should we say “Fauxmanda”) knows the truth behind Ms. Thorne’s identity, and could use it to destroy her at any point. Plus, with the bun in her trampy oven, she’s definitely ending all chances of Emily and Jack being together.

And this story would have never been told if it weren’t for the Graysons. With his wife seemingly out of the way, Conrad should be more than content to go on running the Hamptons and probably wouldn’t take too kindly to someone trying to dethrone him.

Plus, we’re pretty positive Vicki didn’t get herself blown up last season, so this pissed-off queen could go after Emily if she finds out any details on what her neighbor has been up to.

And finally, the news that mommy-not-so-dearest has returned doesn’t necessarily come with balloons and kisses. This woman has been described as having “deep psychological issues” — and those don’t tend to mix well with Emily’s personality.

Who do you think will pose the greatest threat to Emily Thorne in Season 2? Vote below!

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