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The Kardashians

5 Reasons Why Mason Disick Will Be an Amazing Older Brother

With Penelope Scotland Disick in the picture now, the next-generation of the Kardashian empire has solidified its footing just a tad more. But will Kourtney Kardashian’s newest little one have a bond with big brother Mason Disick that resembles the BFF-like one between Kendall and Kylie Jenner, or will the two siblings duke it out on a regular basis like Rob Kardashian and his three famous sisters? Here are five reasons why we think Mason and Penelope will get along just fine:

1. He Has Plenty of Fashion Wisdom to Impart

They may not be able to share closets like the Jenner girls, but little Mason will surely impart his killer fashion sense on his younger sis. With his Burberry caps and leather loafers, little Mas had impeccable style even before he could stand on his own two feet. We can only imagine his closet will get better (and bigger) in time!

2. He Can Show Her How to Properly Accessorize and Handle a Purse

Assuming Penelope doesn’t turn out to be a tomboy, you’d think it’d be difficult for the Kardashian-Disick brood to swap clothes. Luckily, Mason errs a bit on the side of metrosexual and has even been known to lug around a "murse" from time to time. So clothing may be out, but accessories are fair game! At least Mason will be able to teach Penelope a thing or two about the particulars of purse-carrying.

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3. He’s a Natural Leader

Much like his mama, little Mason knows how to take charge. The tiny tot recently demonstrated his leadership skills while on a playdate in Calabasas, California. While walking around the Calabasas Commons, Mason grabbed the hands of his two friends and led them through the park. Let’s just hope Mason’s not too bossy with his younger sis!

4. He’s Already Used to Being Around Ladies All the Time

Mason is no stranger to females and the mood swings, shopping sprees, and girl talk that come with them. We’re willing to bet that no matter how much of a girly girl Penelope is, Mason will have seen it all before!

5. He’ll Shield Penelope From All That Kardashian Kraziness

As the only other member of the family who has never known a life without the reality TV cameras, Mason might be able to teach Penelope a thing or two about growing up in the spotlight. The two tots are also the only next-generation Kardashians as of yet so they’d be wise to stick together. We’re sure they’re waiting patiently for cousins though — yes, we’re looking at you, Khloe and Kim.

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