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Awkward Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: “Jenna Hamilton Tried to Commit Suicide! Again.”

Did anyone else start watching this episode of Awkward (Season 2, Episode 9: “Homewrecker Hamilton”) secretly happy that Jenna and Matty had reunited? Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely adore Jake, and we could obviously tell how much he loves Jenna, and was completely devoted to her as a boyfriend. So we were feeling guilty until…

Matty’s face appeared on our screen. His face, on Jenna’s pillow, gazing towards us. And we knew these two just had to be together.

I wasn’t the kind of girl to expiration-date,” Jenna writes in her blog. Meaning, jump into bed with someone as soon

Jenna’s dad buys her the Jenna Wagon, which is the “hoopty of my dreams,” according to her. Which only distracts our girl for a minute before Jake texts Jenna a picture of her about to straddle and make out with Matty on her bed. Yes, that very night that Jake was ready to apologize for, yes, breaking up with her earlier that night.

After some not-quite-helpful input from her friends, Jenna tries to psych herself up by convincing herself that she hadn’t technically cheated on Jake. He’d broken up with her, then she’d gone home, where Matty showed up, and then they made out (and maybe more?), and Jake decided he wanted to make up, but that’s when he saw her.

Confused yet? Basically Jenna wants to pull a Ross, and tell Jake, “We were on a break!”

Jake is completely ignoring Jenna at school, but when she tries to apologize, he says, “I know everything.” Suddenly Jenna knew “exactly why he broke up with me. He. Knows. Everything.” And it turns out that he’s not talking to Matty either.

And we’re back at the pep rally! Déjà vu back to Season 1 and the wheel of pep. Jake needs his female volunteer, and Sadie’s back on stage in her cheerleader uniform, and Jenna raises her hand. Only this time, it’s voluntary.

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Jake hand-selects Matty to be the male volunteer, which means that all three of our players will be on stage. Jake makes the Wheel play “Come Clean or Play Dirty,” and everything gets scary when Jake calls Jenna slut in front of the whole rally. Jake punches Matty. Twice.

“I f**ked your girlfriend!” says Matty, finally.

Did we mention that Sadie is enjoying every minute of this?

With blood on their faces, Matty and Jake try to make up in Val’s office, but Jake just seems to say “We’re done,” and mean it. But it’s still unclear if he’s really “done” with Jenna. When Matty and Jake come out into the hall, Jenna goes straight for Jake, to tell him she loves him.

Is it wrong that we wish she would have been nicer to Matty in that moment, too?

Jake’s feelings are clearly hurt, and for the moment, there’s nothing anyone can do to fix that. Luckily, Jenna’s new nickname of “Homewrecker Hamilton” is distracting her for long enough that Matty can try and get some peace.

Not to mention the word “slut” written on Jenna’s new hoopdy.

As usual, Lacey thinks the word “slut” on Jenna’s car is all about her and Kevin. Lacey thinks that Jenna’s dad buying her a beat-up car with the word “slut” on it (“It didn’t come that way,” Jenna tries to tell her) is a sign that he needs her. But Jenna gives her the bad news that he’s probably dating his secretary, and tells her mom, “It means he wants a divorce.”

Upstairs in her room, Jenna finally engages that mystery blog commenter. He or she assures her she’s not a homewrecker, and insists that he or she is a friend. And then Jenna gets a crazy idea.

She takes her blog public! The whole school is abuzz, and everyone is talking about Jenna’s love life like it’s an episode of Gossip Girl. Jenna was trying to show Jake the truth, that she never cheated on him with Matty. Instead she humiliates both of them. Walking away in a huff, she kind of gets in the way of a truck, and then it’s really déjà vu.

“Look everyone!” shouts Sadie. “Jenna Hamilton tried to commit suicide! Again!”


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