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The Bachelorette

Body Language Expert: Emily Maynard Is Smugly In Control of Jef Holm — Exclusive

From the new Us Weekly cover story touting an explosive fight between Jef Holm and Bachelorette fiancee Emily Maynard to our sources telling us the lovebirds have been on the rocks for months, we just don’t know what to think as our Bachelorette fairytale comes to a screeching halt. So, we turned to world-renowned body language expert Dr. Jillian Glass, author of The Body Language Advantage.

Analyzing the most recent photos of Jef and Emily going out for lunch in Charlotte, Dr. Glass says the couple is definitely not on the same page. “They are looking in opposite directions. She is smiling and enjoying the attention of the photographers, whereas he is more serious and doesn't focus on them.”

For example, in Photo 3 (above, top), Dr Glass says: “[Emily] looks over her shoulder sneaking a peek at the papps. HE is looking ahead and on a mission. Also, their hand-holding is awkward indicating physical tension. It is not easy and fluid.”

Credit: Splash News    

Photo 8 (right): “Here, she has a pursed-lip cheshire cat grin which may indicate she knows something we don't. It is not an open, genuine smile, but rather a smug one.”

With regard to the video footage of Jef and Emily’s People photo shoot, Dr. Glass evaluates the sincerity of the couple’s lovey-dovey language. “When Emily says this is by far the best relationship she has ever been, in she says it in a monotone — without any passion or feeling, and she looks away as she says this which makes one question her sincerity. She seems to be in control of the relationship and when she says he could be the worst driver ever she steers to the negative as he says 'or the best.' That is very telling, as she puts a negative spin on it no matter how he tries to be positive. In the video, you don't feel her joy or her sincerity or any passion between them.”

What do you think? Are Jef and Emily merely trying to gracefully navigate the media onslaught, paparazzi and all? Or — do you think they’re staging their relationship for the photographers, in the light of recent events? Check out all of the photos in the gallery below and tell us your thoughts.

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