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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel Berry Is “Not Innocent Anymore” in NYC

The Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) we knew in Glee Season 3 loved the idea of romance, but some of the more physical aspects of teenage relationships still made her a bit nervous. Remember “Grilled Cheesus”? It literally took an act of divine intervention before she willingly agreed to let Finn touch her boob.

But — just because the Rachel Berry of McKinley High School was shy and insecure, don’t expect the new Rachel Berry of New York City to be the same way.

Producer Brad Falchuk puts is simple and sweet in an interview with TV Line: “Rachel’s not innocent anymore.”

Finn’s loss just might be new guy Brody Weston’s (Dean Geyer) gain. We’ve already heard that Brody will be “definitely interested” in Rachel and won’t give up pursuing her. And Rachel’s approach towards her interactions with Brody will certainly be different than they were back when she was pining after Finn inside the McKinley halls.

“Now she’s a woman and she’s been through a lot and she’s achieved a lot. So she approaches boys differently, with a different kind of confidence and a different kind of maturity,” Brad says. “There’s not as much, ‘Don’t mention sex.’”

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Yeah. Based off all the talk we’ve been hearing about simulated sex and “suggestive humping” in that upcoming Britney Spears number — we sort of figured as much.

Do you like the idea of a sexy and confident new Rachel Berry, or do you yearn for the cute little headband and cardigan-wearing outcast of yore? (Spoiler alert: You’re getting both next season. Worry not.)

Source: TV Line

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