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Kristen Stewart Cheating on Robert Pattinson: Will It Hurt Twilight or Help Their Careers?

If only Kristen Stewart had listened to the sage advice of NeNe Leakes: "Close your legs to married men!"

Instead, Kristen got involved with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. While GossipCop claims the pair never actually had sex, Kristen's "indiscretion" supposedly humiliated her Twilight love Robert Pattinson and sent Twihards into a frenzy of Team Kristen/They Can Get Through This/I Still Don't Believe It's True Even After Her Apology vs. Team Rob/How Could You Cheat On THIS?

Since Twilight fans, always emotional anyway, are now more keyed-up than ever, could this scandal hurt the final franchise film, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which hits theaters on November 16?

Maybe. Or maybe the constant media coverage will just help.

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“Twenty years ago or 30 years ago controversy was a career killer,” Howard Bragman, a veteran industry publicist and vice chairman of, told TheWrap. “Now it can be career Viagra. We kind of embrace controversy.”

Rob has moved out of his love nest with Kristen, but they still have to do Twilight press together. Will that be awkward? Maybe that would actually help them, since probably only die-hard Twilight fans are interested in more of their back-and-forth flirtation and coy relationship teasing. The rest of Gossip Nation might be curious to see their new dynamic — and may now view Kristen in a more adult light, not like the perpetual teen Bella Swan Cullen. Plus, without being tied to Kristen forever, Rob might actually be able to move on the way he hasn’t, even when doing films outside the franchise. This could be the thing to give him real distance from being “The Twilight guy.”

As Bragman puts it, “The only sticky point will be the press tour. A lot of that will be determined by how she and Robert are interacting at that point. They will either be ‘we love each other and decided to split up’ or ‘we learned from this and learned what’s important.’” With both Rob and Kristen bowing out of several Twilight conventions leading up to the big premiere, it seems unlikely that we'll even get to glimpse their new dynamic pre-red carpet.

Maybe — conspiracy hats on! — they really know what they are doing and are using the PR for their own good. After all, Kristen didn’t have to release a statement (much to the shock and horror of at least one Twilight fan). She could’ve let fans believe it was all fake and not extended the story further.

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Ted Casablanca no longer works for E!, but until recently he was King Twilight, with his blog filled with Twilight posts and fan comments. He tweeted Wednesday of the scandal, "everything ur reading about #Robsten is arranged. Let me assure u of this." Being typically cagey, he only added later, "hey Robsten's been thru a lot, they r not perfect, why I've always loved them but they both know exactly what they're doing."

Do you think this is all being worked to someone’s advantage? Do they know what they are doing or is Rob purely one of the victims — along with Rupert’s wife and family?

Sources: TheWrap, Twitter

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