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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoiler Roundup: Who Has Magic and How Does It Work?

We can’t remember any hit show that ended its hugely successful first season by changing all the rules — until Once Upon a Time. If Season 1 was about breaking the curse, then it looks like Season 2 is about magic.

If you recall, the Season 1 finale (Season 1, Episode 22: “A Land Without Magic”) ended with Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) unleashing a storm of purple smoke into Storybrooke, just moments after Emma (Jennifer Morrison) broke the Evil Queen’s curse. So what do we know so far about how magic changes things for the characters — both in Storybrooke and in the Fairytale Land?

Let’s review.

“Magic is Coming”
Poor Emma. First she was the only person in the world who could break the The Evil Queen’s (Lana Parrilla) curse and give everyone in Storybrooke their memories back. She went through endless struggles — and even lost someone she loved — to do it, and judging from this Season 2 poster, she might be the only hope in the next battle against Mr. Gold’s purple cloud. Question: How exactly will a sword help her?

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Think of magic as a currency.
OUAT producer Edward Kitsis says that magic should be thought of as “more of a currency than an object to fight over.” He continues, “It’s, why do you need money? Do you need money to buy a house? Do you need money to get something you want? I would say that magic, in a lot of ways, comes with a price.”

Who has magic?
If magic is money, then Mr. Gold, who is said to own the town of Storybrooke, probably has the most in town. Rumplestiltskin, after all, gave up his morals, his family, and his son’s companionship to become the Dark One, i.e. the guy with seemingly endless magic to trade. But he always wanted something in return. The Queen always had her fair share of magic as well, so it’s safe to assume that Regina will have more magic now than just that speck she used to enter Wonderland with the Mad Hatter. And the Blue Fairies will have good magic, meaning the nuns in town may need to use it for good.

Does Emma have magic?
When TVGuide asked Kitsis if Emma will have magic in Season 2, he replied, “That's an excellent question. I would respond with a question. The question is: Can anyone learn magic or does it have to be something inside you?” If we had to answer his question, we would guess that anyone can learn magic. Look at Rumplestiltskin, who was just a poor farmer before getting control of dark magic. And something tells us that Emma has some up her red leather sleeve.

What about Regina?
In an interview, Lana Parrilla revealed, “I’m sure [Regina]’s going to use magic to find a way to get [Henry] back, and also probably destroy Mr. Gold.” And these photos of Henry floating outside Regina’s window seem to suggest she has a whole lot.

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Living in a magical world.
Another tidbit from Kitsis reminds us that all of the characters, once they regain their Fairytale Land memories, are “used to living in” a world with magic. “When you see the fairy-tale flashbacks, there is magic but there are people who don't use it. ... Not everyone is a practitioner.” But he assures viewers that a lot of the Storybrooke characters, who have basically been asleep for 28 years, will “start to worry” about scores that still need to be settled. “‘Oh no, is the queen and Rumple going to start doing it again?’” he imitates.

A fine question, and one we’ll be asking, too!

Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres on September 30, 2012 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: TVGuide

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