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Premium Rush, The Apparition, Robot & Frank: Movies to See (or Skip) This Weekend

What's doing this weekend? With the end of summer approaching, why not hit the drive-in before it shuts down for the season? Here's the scoop on three flicks opening this Friday, August 24.

Premium Rush

If you've ever been to NYC, you know that the most dangerous peeps on the road aren't the cabbies or bus drivers — it's those crazy bike messengers. In this action-packed hipster adventure, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee, a biker whose final delivery of the day could turn into his final delivery ever as a life-or-death chase across Manhattan ensues.
Sexy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Not sexy: Death by bike messenger
Verdict: We're slightly skeptical about a movie centered around cycling, but we also can't resist the adorableness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Make it a double-date night with your bestie!

The Apparition

Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan), a young couple, find themselves being haunted by a ghostly presence that was the result of a university experiment. The problem is that the scary apparition actually feeds on their fear... and they've got lots of fear.
Sexy: Sebastian Stan
Not sexy: Creepy paranormal activity
Verdict: If you like a good scare, this is an obvious choice, not to mention a great excuse to cuddle up with that new guy in your life.

Robot & Frank

When Frank (Frank Langella) reaches that point where living on his own may not be the best idea, his kids (James Marsden and Liv Tyler) decide to skip the nursing home and get a humanoid robot to care for him instead. Susan Sarandon also stars in this near-future-set comedy.
Sexy: James Marsden (the other guy in The Notebook)
Not sexy: Getting old
Verdict: The reviews say two thumbs up, so take your own parents out for a night of laughs and bonding.

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08.24.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Maria Valiente
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