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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daugherty on Maya’s Final Days, Noel’s “Grudge,” and Ezria

In a new interview with TVFanatic, Pretty Little Liars star Brant (Noel Kahn) opens up about Noel’s part in the “A” drama, reveals a few clues about Maya’s (Bianca Lawson) final days, and settles a few unanswered questions for good.

We’ve taken the juiciest parts of the interview and assembled them here.

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Noel definitely didn’t kill Maya. In the interview, Brant addresses the video he has of Maya’s last moments outside his cabin. “We know he didn’t kill Maya,” Brant says.

He knew Maya was staying in the secret room. Noel definitely knew Maya a lot better than we thought, including what most of you suspected: He knew Maya was staying in the secret room in his cabin. “Yes, I don’t think there’s any way he didn’t know she was there considering that Noel and Eric use it as their party house,” Brant says.

Credit: Adam Rose/ ABC Family    

Why is Noel so antagonistic towards the Liars? Brant concedes that most of his gnarly behavior towards the Liars originated with his unrequited crush on Aria (Lucy Hale). “When Noel first finds out about Aria and Ezra [Ian Harding], he thinks that she’s being taken advantage of,” says Brant. “But when he realizes that Aria is actually choosing Ezra over him … He’s betrayed and you add in the fact that Aria got Noel suspended and that gives him a pretty strong motive to get back at her.”

He has a “grudge.” Noel has always seemed suspicious, and Brant explains (albeit vaguely) part of why that is. “He … has a grudge with the Liars and kind of a tendency to show up at suspicious times, which I would say is a red flag.”

One final warning. Brant ends his interview with this cryptic warning: “Be on the lookout for Noel... He’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve.”

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Source: TVFanatic

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