Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Was Alison So Frightened of Paige?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Was Alison So Frightened of Paige?

One of the strangest things happened on Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 11: “Single Fright Female”. In a flashback, we actually saw typically fearless Alison (Sasha Pieterse) with fear in her eyes.

If you recall, Alison planned a scheme aimed to embarrass Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and “own” her. Paige had apparently been acting out violently towards Ali during soccer practice, to the point that Ali had an enormous bruise on her right shoulder. She played it off like it was nothing in front of the Liars, because she always had to look tough around them.

Later, Ali tells CeCe what she’s done to get revenge. Pretending she was Emily (Shay Mitchell), she wrote to Paige asking her to write her a secret love letter, and tape it underneath a sign in Rosewood. But Ali is waiting in CeCe’s car when Paige shows up to deliver her note. Ali grabs it, warns Paige to lay off her, and speed-walks back to CeCe’s car, looking super-scared and shaky, and screaming for them to leave the scene.

What could possibly cause our cool-as-a-cucumber Alison to tremble with fear?

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Was Alison So Frightened of Paige?
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1. Paige is violent.
We know that Paige has a bad habit of slamming doors and lockers and throwing things hard (not to mention attempting to drown people...). If Ali was telling the truth, and that giant bruise was from Paige during soccer practice, then Ali might have just been plain scared that Paige would hurt her again.

2. What’s with those “bumps” Ali mentioned?
Alison told the Liars that Paige had weird “bumps” on her legs. After hearing Paige cry while talking about her history with Ali on Emily’s front porch in “Single Fright Female,” we’re wondering if Paige was so affected by Alison’s 9th-grade taunting that she’d started hurting herself. Maybe Ali was terrified that Paige would hurt herself again, and it would be her fault.

3. She was in training.
We know from an early spoiler that CeCe was someone who taught Ali everything she knew. Could Ali have still been in some kind of boot camp for bitchiness at this point? If so, her audacity might not have been finely tuned quite yet.

4. Paige had something on her.
Alison went to the extremes to make sure she “owned” Paige, using Emily as a “clueless” pawn. Why would Ali despise this girl so much? Perhaps it’s because Paige knew something incriminating about Alison, one of her many secrets. What it was is still anyone’s guess.

Why do you think Ali was so scared of Paige in flashbacks?

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