Will True Blood’s Tara End Up With Pam or Sam? Portrayer Rutina Wesley Share Her “Happily Ever After” Pick
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True Blood

Will True Blood’s Tara End Up With Pam or Sam? Portrayer Rutina Wesley Share Her “Happily Ever After” Pick

While romance has been the last thing on Tara Thornton’s mind, that doesn’t mean that the new vampire wants to be alone.

Even though True Blood Season 5 has been filled with vamp impulse control, fights with maker, Pam, and plenty of bloody moments, portrayer Rutina Wesley would love to ultimately see Tara settle down.

“I do secretly miss Tara and Sam together,” Rutina admitted to TV Guide. “I don't know if a vampire and shifter can ever be together, but my secret dream is that they'll somehow live happily ever after.”

But for now, we’ll be seeing more of Pam and Tara, especially after Jessica hinted at the new vamp’s crush on her maker last week!

“I think Tara may feel like she has something for her, but she doesn't quite know what it is,” Rutina spilled. “I do think that there is some confusion. She's embarrassed by it. She's had [mostly Pam's] blood, so usually when you have a vampire's blood, there's those crazy sex dreams. Romance is the furthest thing from Tara's mind, but she may not be able to stop it.”

It has been especially crazy because she had to quickly turn off her hatred toward Pam and vampires in general — something that Truebies never expected from Tara.

“It's very weird for Tara, because she hated Pam last season, and now all of a sudden she's feeling strange emotions,” Rutina said, but added, “I think that the finale will answer all of those questions.”

Speaking of the finale, we can definitely expect Tara to team up with her new vampire friends and her estranged pals for a showdown at Authority headquarters. And it will all be in the name of Pam.

“Ultimately, Tara's very loyal to those who are loyal to her. She's going to try to do everything she can to help Pam. We all will come together in that finale and have to be dealing with the Authority,” Rutina teased.

“It's a very cool ending. It's definitely a different cliffhanger than we've had before. It's going to be very, very interesting to see how Tara gets involved with the Authority and Sookie and everyone else.”

Would you rather see Tara end up with Sam or Pam? And are you excited for the finale showdown? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Guide

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