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Pretty Little Liars

Brendan Robinson: “I Don’t Know” What to Make of Lucas’s Crazy Behavior — Exclusive

Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson) is one of the most inscrutable characters on Pretty Little Liars. He's gone from nice geek to total sketchball, and we have no idea what to make of him — except we're pretty sure we can't trust him!

Fortunately, Brendan Robinson has Lucas's nice qualities without any of the evil undertone, so here at Wetpaint Entertainment we were thrilled to have a chance to talk to Brendan at the Do Something Awards. He dished on the "shocking" Season 3 summer finale betrAyal, what we can expect from the Halloween episode, what he makes of Lucas's behavior, and more.

Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve been pegged as an "A" suspect, but don’t you feel like if it was Lucas or Jenna, or one of these people we suspect it would be too obvious?

Brendan Robinson: Yeah. It is, and I know that we try to stay away from that because we want fans to keep guessing. We want Twitter to blow up every Tuesday. That’s one of my favorite things to do — watch the show and see the trending board on Twitter PLL out.


Exactly. Earlier in the summer, we were all ten trends at one time. I’ve trended before.

What was your trending tweet?

#PoorLucas. And I have it like saved on my computer. I have it in my scrapbook. It’s a world wide trend. That’s a big deal.

Every time Lucas is acting crazy, what do you make of it?

At this point, I don’t know. Anything goes. I just take the material that I get for that week and prepare it like I would prepare anything else and don’t necessarily draw too many conclusions because I’ve tried to guess so many times what’s going to happen, and I’ve always been wrong. But that’s a good thing because that keeps the audience guessing. I’m sure that the audience is doing the exact same thing. If they’re wrong, then they’re going to want to tune in and see what happens.

What can you tell us about the BetrAyer? Were you shocked?

Yes. We actually — I think I’m allowed to say this — kept it secret for a while. We filmed a couple of alternate endings so that the cast and crew wouldn’t know who it was or what exactly happens, [in regards to] the betrayer. So there were several people who filmed alternate endings, and you’re going to find out when you find out on the night. It’s going to be epic. I mean, it’s going to be really shocking, and people are going to be wanting more between the finale and the Halloween episode. For the fans, it’s going to be a grueling couple of weeks.

How was the Halloween episode this year?

Oh, it’s amazing. This set is amazing. It was all filmed inside of a sound stage, but what they did was they built these train cars, and they lifted them off the ground so that when we walked, we get the sensation of a train moving. It was really cool. I’d never seen anything like it before, and it’s one of the most elaborate set pieces that we’ve ever done on the show. And there was definitely some motion sickness involved. We were shooting like 14, 15 hour days, and after a while, it’s kind of like, whoa. It felt like you were on a boat.

Did you get motion sick?

A little bit, yeah. There were definitely some times where I was like, “Oh, wow, okay… I need to go sit down.” So we had a couple of sit down breaks for people to kind of get their bearings.

And beyond the betrayer and Maya’s death, anything you can say about the epic finale or what leads up to it?

We’re going to meet Ezra’s baby momma, played by Larisa Oleynik. She was on The Secret World of Alex Mack. Alex Mack herself. Hello, I totally geeked out. I actually haven’t met her yet. I haven’t gotten a chance to work with her yet.

Might she hang around?

Possibly. I honestly don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean it seems like a pretty significant storyline to me. Adding to the Ezria pot and stirring it up — it seems like it would be pretty significant.

Catch the PLL Season 3 summer finale on Tuesday, August 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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