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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Finale: Joe Manganiello Teases What’s Next for Alcide

True Blood’s Alcide hasn’t had the easiest time this season. Not only did he have to team up with the people he hates the most (vampires), but he’s also in a battle with V-addicted pack leader, JD, and recently reunited with his deadbeat father.

In a recent Q&A on , portrayer Joe Manganiello had some more bad news to spill, but luckily, he followed up with some promising hints at the Season 5 finale’s cliffhanger!

“[The finale] leaves Alcide in a pretty interesting position, and I'm curious to know where he goes next,” Joe spilled. “I think toward the end of Season 5, Alcide toughens up quite a bit more than he does in the books, and I couldn't be happier about that.”

As for next season, though? Joe wants to see both violence and romance for our favorite wolf.

“I personally want to see him beat the living s—t out of everyone that has ever crossed him or ever looked at him funny, and then wind up with a girl who has his back,” Joe admitted. “No more of this "maybe" stuff. A real she wolf … or just a faerie who can hold her liquor.”

Speaking of faeries, Joe also weighed in on who he ‘ships for SookieEric, Bill, or Alcide — and his answer was quite surprising.

“I’m Team Sookie,” he said, also adding a fun fact about the “pet” that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer gave him: “No pets except for my stuffed Eeyore from Anna and Stephen.”

While this showcases Joe’s playfulness, he ended the Q&A with a hint at a “darker side” of Alcide in the finale, making a cryptic exclamation: “THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!”

Are you nervous about Alcide’s role in the finale, or are you excited for what will happen in Season 6? Weigh in below, and then head over to to read the rest of his Q&A.

Source: HBO

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