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Mean Stinks! In Primetime II – Sponsored

It’s Bullying.

We know it exists, and your favorite shows are taking a stand to address it. Wetpaint knows that the issue of bullying is one that matters to you. That’s why we created a go-to, quick guide highlighting the best and brightest primetime episodes featuring positive messages and anti-bullying themes. Each week, we’ll post a new “Hall of Fame” episode as well as the latest news on the real-life efforts and experiences of celebs who have been bullied in, “Hollywood Speaks Out!”

Click HERE for Week 1.

This Week’s Featured Episode:

Kourtney and Kim Take New York, S1, Episode 7, “Straight Expectations”

As the second spin-off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney & Kim Take New York follows the two sisters east as they attempt to expand their DASH empire and take advantage of all the glitz, glam and flirty fun of the Big Apple. In Episode 7 of their first Season, Kim's friend Simon suggests that she hire his pal, marketing genius, ‘Marco,’ to help out with their clothing line, DASH. She promptly meets him, and is impressed by his resume. The two hit it off and decide to go shopping together. Judging only by his knowledge of fashion, Kim immediately assumes he is gay….

Later that day, Marco, Kim, and Kim’s (Confirmed gay) friend Rob meet at bar. Rob is immediately smitten with Marco. Kim thinks she’s quite the matchmaker until Rob’s advances become obvious, and Marco is visibly uncomfortable. When Rob excuses himself to use the restroom, Marco informs Kim that he’s not gay. She’s shocked, everyone gets uncomfortable, and Marco leaves the bar. Rob has a great sense of humor about the whole thing and it not angry at Kim. (Kim is mortified, however.)

Although the episode ended in laughter, it brought to light real issues involving prejudice, sexuality and for some, bullying. Kudos to Kim and friend Simon, who saw this as an opportunity to speak directly to the LGBT youth who may have identified with Rob or Marco.

Click HERE to check out “Straight Expectations,” behind the scenes.

To learn more about how to stop bullying in your school, check out the Mean Stinks Facebook page.

08.27.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Katie Grimes
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