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Nikita Season 3 Teasers: With Nikita Back at Division, the Show Will Be Radically Different – Exclusive

Now that Nikita (Maggie Q) is back at Division, the top-secret organization she spent the last two seasons trying to take down, Season 3 is shaping up to be a virtual reboot of the action-packed CW series.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with executive producer Craig Silverstein, who believes this fresh start will be equally appealing to new viewers and longtime fans alike. “Episode one of Season 3 feels like a pilot,” he explains. “If you have never seen the show, you can come in. It's got all the continuity, we don't ignore any of it, but, at the same time, Nikita’s found herself in a completely different place.”

A “different place” that will have the badass lady hunting down 30 rogue spies “the dirty 30” who once reported to Amanda (Melinda Clarke). Even more exciting, Craig promises more Amanda (minus the dresses), a romantic moment, and a 12-year-old villain.

Read on for Craig’s teaser-filled take on Season 3, which kicks off Friday, October 19 on The CW.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Now that you're rebooting the show essentially, what does Season 3’s first episode look like?

Craig Silverstein: Episode one of Season 3 feels like a pilot. If you have never seen the show, you can come in. It's got all the continuity, we don't ignore any of it, but, at the same time, Nikita’s found herself in a completely different place, and we have a much clearer understanding about how they get their missions. Before, it was always, she's coming back to Division, how is it going to work week to week? Now, it's pretty clear.

Maggie insinuated that they're going to start taking out people from their past.

Sort of, kind of, yes. I mean they might not be people that they personally know, Division had agents spread all over the world. When Division was taken over, they got a message to come back in. And then they got another message from Amanda saying, “Nikita and the government's running it now. If you come back in, you'll be taken out.” About 30 people agreed with that and all broke off and went rogue, and are out there causing all manner of different havoc in the world with their special Division skills.

So that's who we're going after?

The dirty 30. That's what we're doing. Espionage freak of the week.

Apparently something happens very early on that we wouldn't expect until much later in the season? Can you tease anything about that?

The very first episode, I think, will satisfy a lot of Nikita fans… very romantic, nice.

And Melinda Clarke's character, what can we expect from her?

She is on a mission of revenge. She's much like Nikita was at the beginning of Season 1, on the outs, rogue, in a lair, leather jackets. She doesn’t have her dresses any more. She's very upset about that, and she's coming back against Division, against Nikita specifically.

Are there new characters that you're introducing at this point, beyond the rogue agents?

No. We're bringing some of the characters that we've built up along the way like Ryan, Noah Bean's character. He's our regular cast now. So is Owen, Devon Sawa’s character. So it's more like people who have been in and out of the show are now regulars. That's the newness.

And how will the new Division be structured?

Ryan Fletcher runs Division. He answers only to the president and a couple of other people who know about it. It's not like they widely spread some memo that said, by the way, there's this secret black ops group under a farm in New Jersey, get to know them. It's still secret. It's specifically being kept alive in order to shut itself down, to find the rogue agents out there, to bring them in or kill them, and then turn off the lights. That's what Nikita thinks at least. And Ryan Fletcher's the one who runs it. Nikita is sort of a senior person there. They don't have her doing the big strategy because they want her out in the field kicking ass and taking names, but she's used to being her own boss. She hasn't had a boss for a while. And even though it's this guy that she really loves and respects, it's very difficult for Nikita. It's always difficult for Nikita to follow orders.

Anything you can tease, that you haven't told anybody, ever?

Ever? I'd say that our second episode is going to have a really unique antagonist to it who's going to be a 12-year-old girl, sort of our Hanna episode.

Do you feel like you have to bring in more viewers at this point, and to open it up to people who don't know the mythology as well?

Yeah. And also, I want people to be able to follow it. I don't want to have an episode where there's three or four different overlapping arcs, and that's all the episode is. I’d love for there to be two levels to it. The dedicated fan level, and the level where you can just watch because it's one of the few pure action shows on TV. I feel like people should be looking for that.

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