Recap of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4, Episode 17: Caroline’s Done
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Recap of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4, Episode 17: Caroline’s Done

It’s time for the kind of shenanigans only The Real Housewives of New Jersey can dish out, so let's get down to it!

When we last left the Jersey wives, Teresa Giudice had just snubbed her cousin Kathy Wakile by blatantly leaving her off her list of toasties much to everyone's surprise (Caroline Manzo refused to raise her glass). In an effort to lighten the mood, her brother Joe Gorga proposes a toast of his own and turns to his go-to solution for all of life's problems: taking off his pants.

As the rest of the family follows suit into the hot tub, Kathy brings up the omission and Teresa explains that it wasn't intentional. The cousins proceed to discuss the feud between Teresa and Caroline while everyone listens in. Eventually, Caroline tells Teresa directly that she can't even look at her anymore and calls her a lying disgrace. Teresa sticks with her story that she never insulted Caroline and that she never did anything wrong.

After some pointless back and forth, fighting from everything from the tabloids to who's more Italian, Caroline makes it clear that she has zero interest in furthering her relationship with Teresa. Kathy starts to think maybe she shouldn't have gotten involved. Genius. Jacqueline Laurita pretends to sleep through the whole thing. True genius.

Meanwhile, Juicy Joe starts yelling at Caroline, and almost gets his ass kicked by the Manzo men. Albert decides they should leave it up to the women to battle it out, though, because frankly that's more entertaining. Lauren steps in to defend her mother since the rest of women are watching from the sidelines like they're at a tennis match.

As Caroline continues to call Tre a liar, Teresa gets more and more irate and chin-slaps Kathy, turning the conflict back to them. This is Juicy's cue to pull his wife away and book an early flight out of dodge. Joe and Melissa Gorga decide to back her up and leave, too. As they exit the apartment, Caroline has a breakdown in her room.

Will these two ever mend their friendship? And, more importantly, what's with Teresa's feathered-sleeved, Dynasty-hair confessional look?

Next week, the drama deepens with the return of Dina Manzo — oh, it's on.