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True Blood

Tara Kisses Pam in True Blood’s Season 5 Finale! Hot or Not?

It's been a rough year for Tara Thornton. First, she got shot in the head by a crazy V-addicted werewolf, then she got turned by a vampire in a clearance rack Walmart sweatsuit, and — if all of that weren't bad enough — her maker got captured by Bill's crazy sanguinist regime.

Sheesh! And this what you call empowerment, Alan Ball?!

Thankfully, after weeks of busting ass behind the bar of Bon Temps' seediest watering hole, Tara got her much-deserved moment of fun when she planted a big ol' wet kiss on her maker, Pam Swynford De Beaufort.

We know what you're thinking — Pam is basically Tara's mom, which means their kiss should technically out-gross all of Eric and Nora's sibling sex scenes combined. But honestly? We're not that mad about about her Oedipus complex. On the contrary, we think it's actually kind of sweet. Ever since we found out that Tara bats for the other team, we've been hoping for her to find a lady love to help soften her edges.

Although we saw it coming a mile away, the moment still took us by surprise. No silly little silver door was going to keep Tara Thornton away!

What do you think about Tara and Pam's makeout sesh? Totally hot or totally not?

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