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True Blood

Top True Blood Season 5 Finale Quotes: “Must All Roads Lead To F—cking Sookie?”

True Blood is over (cue heaving sobs), but don't worry, gang: We'll always have these brilliant doozies, courtesy of our favorite vampires and their besties. Also, we'll always have the image of The Artist Formerly Known as Queen Bill emerging naked from a puddle of goo, but that's a whole 'nother ball game. Love you, Billith!

10. Pam eye-rolls: "Must all roads lead to f—cking Sookie?

She obviously means that in more than one way.

9. Lafayette lets loose with the ladies: "Hey bitches, I made some Cajun margaritas."

Best sentence ever.

8. Lafayette flirts with Arlene: "Oh, come on, peaches, just a little sippy sip."

No, sorry — this is the best sentence ever.

7. Nora smells Sookie: "What is she?"
Eric: "She's a waitress."

Please, Sookie hasn't shown up for work in weeks.

6. Andy complains about his baby mama: "Her kind don’t welp in the hospital."

But they do welpgasm in dive bars.

5. Alcide gets his Packmaster on: "We’re wolves. We respect ourselves, we respect our pack, we respect nature."

Sigh, Alcide is such a hippie.

4. Rosalyn complains about Bill and Salome: "Compton and Salome are off buttering each others’ biscuits half the time."

Thanks, Rosalyn — now we can never eat biscuits again.

3. Morella gets ready to pop a bun out of her faerie oven: "My light broke!"

It's not every day that we see a glow-in-the-dark vagina.

2. Arlene real-talks: "Who knew watching an alien giving birth could be so comforting?"

Um, everyone who watched The X-Files?

1. Morella says buh-bye to her litter of faeries: "You sired them. Now it is your sacred duty to see that at least half of them survive into adulthood."

This is like Octomom all over again.

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