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True Blood

Where in the World Is True Blood’s Steve Newlin?

Has anyone seen Steve Newlin? We're worried that he's currently wandering the Bon Temps backwoods, surrounded by roving packs of unicorns, heartbreak, and the faint smell of Sookie and Bill's lovemaking.

Last time we saw The Rev, he had run off into the great unknown after witnessing Russell Edgington's death — speaking of, time to pour some out for our fallen homie — and we haven't heard from him since. So, where in the world is Steve Newlin and what is he planning? As far as we're concerned, there are only three options:

1. Steve Is Formulating a Plan to Avenge Russell's Death
Gird your light-up loins, faeries — Steve Newlin and his perfect hair are coming for you. We have a feeling that Preacher Man will stop at nothing to kill all the tutu-wearing riverdancers that aided and abetted in the death of his boyfriend, which means Andy's litter of hybrid Tinkerbells is officially in danger.

2. Steve Has Become a Mainstreamer
Let's not forget that Steve spent the majority of his life hating vampires. Now that he's witnessed how futile Russell's hunt for power was, he might have an existential crisis and become a mainstreamer. We'd love nothing more — mostly because Bill needs to be taken down. He also needs to put on some clothes and stop being a cannibal, but baby steps.

3. Steve Has Become a Sanguanista
Remember back in the day when Steve Newlin was a preacher? Bible-thumping runs in his blood, and we're worried that he'll start worshiping Billith. This is obviously cause for all kinds of concern — mostly because one never knows when Billith might decide to stake or eat you!

What do you think Steve is up to? Hit up the comments and dish your wildest theories!

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08.27.2012 / 11:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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