Who Died in True Blood’s Season 5 Finale?
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True Blood

Who Died in True Blood’s Season 5 Finale?

Warning: Major spoilers ahead! This post contains all of the deaths from tonight’s True Blood Season 5 finale. Proceed with caution ...

It was a bloody finish on True Blood’s Season 5 finale. Even though creator Alan Ball warned us that there would be a “big body count,” it still couldn’t prepare us for the astounding number of supes who have officially checked out of Bon Temps. Take a look at the list below, and then weigh in with which death shocked you the most in the comments!

Russell Edgington

Just when we were worried that Russell was going to snack on all of the faeries, Eric came in to save the day. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but before we knew it, Eric was grabbing onto Russell’s neck, and poof — Russ exploded all over the field! The fact that this happened only minutes into the finale was the most shocking part!

JD Carson

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! In order to stop JD’s V-addicted, crazy reign over the pack, Alcide took a sip of his father’s V stash and proceeded to rip the packmaster apart. It wasn’t a fair fight, with Alcide stronger than ever and JD drunk on V, but it was a long time coming.

Rosalyn Harris

Just as it looked like Rosalyn was going to sink her fangs into Luna, Sam literally flew in to save her. In fly form, he zipped into Rosalyn’s mouth, and then promptly shifted back into his human form while still inside, causing the vamp to explode from the inside out!

Various Authority Employees

Jason took the first shot straight out of the elevator, killing Authority secretary, Chelsea, and a guard with wooden bullets. After that, it was a bloodbath, with Eric and Nora pouncing down from the ceiling and eviscerating an entire troop of them! Tara and Sookie assisted, too, freeing Pam and Jessica from jail, before they all moved to make their escape.


Bill tricked Salome think that she was The Chosen One, but he really was just trying to make her chug some vampire blood. While she thought it was Lilith’s blood she was drinking, it wasn’t — Bill stowed that away for himself, revealingit to Salome before staking her.


Sookie and Eric tried to talk some sense into Bill to no avail. In the final moments of the episode, Bill chugged Lilith’s blood, then suddenly started bleeding from every orifice and exploded! But then the real shocker came: As Sookie wept in Eric’s arms, Bill morphed back up from the blood into a male version of Lilith, baring his fangs. Could he be God now? Did he die and was then reborn? We have to wait until Season 6 to find out!

What did you think of the True Blood Season 5 finale? Were you shocked by the deaths? Weigh in below!

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