Ana Lucasey Spills About Dylan’s Love Triangle with Henry and Ben — Including Who Is the Better Kisser! – Exclusive
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ana Lucasey Spills About Dylan’s Love Triangle with Henry and Ben — Including Who Is the Better Kisser! – Exclusive

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is filled with drama and love triangles, and this season, Dylan has been at the center of it all. Although her relationship with Ben literally went up in flames, that doesn’t mean she isn’t still holding a torch for him, and on the flip side, that also doesn’t mean that she’s ready to give up on Henry.

In the following exclusive Q&A, portrayer Ana Lucasey shares her insight about both guys, including spilling about who is the better kisser! Read on, and then tell us below: Should Dylan be with Henry or Ben?

Wetpaint Entertainment: There's a crazy love triangle right now between Dylan, Henry, and Ben. Who will she choose?

Ana Lucasey: Ben is Dylan's first boyfriend. She's very tied to him in that way. She was really clingy and dealing with all of these issues that I think a lot of us deal with with our first boyfriends, not really knowing how to act. She just got a little crazy and over the top, but through all her ups and downs, she still really loves him. And she now has Henry treating her the way that she's supposed to be treated and is really liking that.

She has a decision to make coming up, so she may pick one or the other — or neither of them. She's just trying to figure out what she needs.

Do you think Ben would take her back? She's been really flighty …

Ben has been a little all over the place, so you never know! He's been so back and forth with everything lately. I honestly am not sure what's going to happen, but it's possible!

Were Ben and Dylan's parents were too controlling after the school fire incident?

For Dylan's parents, she has both extremes. She has a mom who thinks she can do no wrong and is always making excuses for her, and then her dad, who is super strict. He yells at her and tells her she can't do this and she can't do that, but in the end, she can just make him laugh and smile and he forgets about it.

I think it's really important for parents to lay down the law and say, "This is how it should be." … I don't think Dylan has really had to deal with any of the consequences and I don't know if she's even learned from this whole situation, so I definitely think they could have handled it better.

Ana Lucasey Spills About Dylan’s Love Triangle with Henry and Ben — Including Who Is the Better Kisser! – Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

Would you like to see Dylan and Ben get into any more trouble in the future?

Dylan and Ben [Laughs] … there's always trouble on this show! It would be nice to see them get to a good place in their relationship and for things to calm down and for them to just enjoy each other.

What can you tease for the rest of the season?

I feel like a lot of the characters are going through really tough times right now, who they are as individuals, and couples figuring out what they want and where they are going. So I feel like we've reached some climaxes the first half of this season, so the rest of the season things will be resolved.

For Dylan, she's definitely going to have to [make] a choice, and I'm anxious to see what will be decided!

Ultimately, which guy is Dylan better suited for?

I think it would be important for her to date Henry — or somebody like Henry — right now. So far she's had, in my opinion, a terrible first dating experience and she needs someone to show her how she deserves to be treated. I think when she is shown a good relationship, and given a good example of what a relationship should be, maybe from then she'll be able to make better decisions for her in the future.

There's many different routes it could go, but because it has been such a crazy experience with Ben, she needs somebody to calm her down a bit — which she could find in Henry.

But who's the better kisser: Ken Baumann (Ben) or Allen Evangelista (Henry)?

Oh my goodness! [Laughs] Is there a good answer to this question? I don't think so. I've had more experience with Ken so far, so just go with that!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Season 5 summer finale, "Half Over," airs tonight, Aug. 27, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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