Erica Rose Dishes on Her Bachelor Pad 3 Castmates: Chris Bukowski Was “Heartbroken” Over Emily Maynard — Exclusive!
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The Bachelorette

Erica Rose Dishes on Her Bachelor Pad 3 Castmates: Chris Bukowski Was “Heartbroken” Over Emily Maynard — Exclusive!

Erica Rose left Bachelor Pad 3 last Monday night in a heated elimination that that will not soon be forgotten. She not only took down a major alliance, but she sent Michael Stagliano packing with some serious thoughts for him to ponder on the limo ride home! Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Erica Rose to get her take on the elimination, Chris’s shenanigans, Kalon McMahon and his affection for Lindzi Cox, and who should be the next Bachelor!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How was Bachelor Pad 3 different from Bachelor Pad 2?
Erica Rose: The cast was very different! I personally bonded more with the cast of Bachelor Pad 2 and made stronger friendships. There were such dynamic and amazing people like Michelle Money and Gia there and people who were truly loyal to me like Kasey. 'm also very close with Holly and Blake since I just got back from their wedding. I think of Bachelor Pad 3 as more of a snake den. Though there were some nice girls there like Jamie who I really enjoyed getting to know.

WP: What made you want to come back?
ER: I wanted to come back because I honestly did not want to be remembered as the girl who had eggs thrown at her. Now I guess I will be remembered as the girl who took down Michael Stagliano and broke up an alliance — at least this time I wasn't a victim.

Erica Rose Dishes on Her Bachelor Pad 3 Castmates: Chris Bukowski Was “Heartbroken” Over Emily Maynard — Exclusive!
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WP: Do you wish you had tried harder — it didn't always seem like you were trying your best in competitions?
ER: Honestly, there were certain competitions like gymnastics and the china one that I just wasn't going to win. I did try during the obstacle course and trivia challenge since I felt I had a chance at winning those. Also in the first heart challenge, Nick was the one who fell out first — not me!

WP: What are your thoughts on the whole Chris/Jamie/Blakeley/Sarah love square?
ER: The only person who I felt bad for in the situation was Jamie. It was heartbreaking to watch. She genuinely believed that Chris liked her and obviously he didn't. When a girl really likes a guy she gives him the benefit of the doubt and makes excuses for him like Jamie did with Chris. I've done that before, too.

WP: Who is the real Chris? The guy who cried over Emily on The Bachelorette, or the guy who played three girls at once on Bachelor Pad?
ER: I think Chris was heartbroken over Emily and that is why he was acting out and being such a player on Bachelor Pad. He definitely was not ready to move into another relationship and was using the other women to distract him from being sad about Emily.

WP: Who is the real Kalon? The mean guy from The Bachelorette, or the sweet guy courting Lindzi on Bachelor Pad?
ER: I think that Kalon is a complicated person. He is not necessarily sweet or trustworthy, but when he likes a girl he is going to treat her well. He doesn't care about having loyalties to his guy friends though. He is a good liar and hard to read, because he is always nice to my face and then saying rude things behind my back.

Erica Rose Dishes on Her Bachelor Pad 3 Castmates: Chris Bukowski Was “Heartbroken” Over Emily Maynard — Exclusive!
Credit: ABC via WENN    

WP: Have you spoken to Michael since the night you both left the mansion?
ER: I have not spoken to him since that night, so there is a lot that we both need to say at the finale.

WP: Do you regret any of the things you said to him that night?
ER: I was really upset and I did mean everything that I said, but I guess sometimes it is not always necessary to say whatever you're thinking. So even if I thought Holly made the right decision, I guess it wasn't relevant to that moment. When someone hurts me, I usually react by being hurt[ful], so that is what I was doing.

WP: Do you think he owed his loyalty to your friendship or his alliance?
ER: I think a true friendship should always take precedent over an alliance. Especially when he promised to have my back and help me win going into this. I have a text from him that he sent me before the show promising that.

WP: Do you think you will be friends again?
ER: We were really close before the filming Bachelor Pad 3. I'm not sure that I could ever trust him again, I take friendships really seriously. That being said, I don't like to have animosity with anyone, so once we both speak our minds, maybe we can reconcile our differences.

WP: Which couple would you like to see win this season and why?
ER: I would like to see Chris and Sarah win because I think that Chris took a huge risk by separating from his alliance and becoming partners with Sarah. Everyone else just kept it safe and stayed within the alliance. I'd like to see someone win who wasn't part of the main power alliance. Also Sarah is my girl, so I'd love to see her win! Even though we got into an argument in the last episode, we are still very close friends.

WP: Who should be the next Bachelor?
ER: Arie!! He is just so sexy. I think he would be the hottest Bachelor that we've had in awhile.

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