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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: How Will Blaine Cope With Being So Far Away From Kurt?

Blaine (Darren Criss) may be the one who encourages Kurt (Chris Colfer) to make the big move to New York City he does want the best for his boyfriend, after all but that doesn’t mean adjusting to life alone in Lima is going to be easy.

We’ve already heard that Kurt’s absence in Glee Season 4 is going to make Blaine question whether he even feels happy at McKinley anymore. So how will Blaine cope with his newfound loneliness? E! Online recently took a visit to the Glee set, where they gleaned a bit of insight into Blaine’s somewhat-unusual way of dealing with the separation.

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Turns out, when Blaine get’s depressed, he... dresses up as a superhero? Well, sort of. We were completely confused when we saw that photo of Blaine dressed up in a weird half-cat, half-Robin superhero outfit for a scene from Season 4, Episode 3, but E! reveals that it’s all part of Blaine’s quest to stay busy after Kurt’s departure.

“In order to cope with Blaine being MIA,” E! writes, “Kurt tries to join every extracurricular club imaginable.” Considering that E! saw a whole legion of kids dressed up as superheroes on set, we’re guessing that McKinley High must have one pretty awesome superhero club.

E! also caught up with Lea Michele (Rachel), who dished about what it’s like to have the show now set in both Lima and NYC. Though Lea is only working with New York co-stars — like Chris Colfer and Dean Geyer (Brody) for now — the Glee starlet reveals that she still gets to see the McKinley kids from time to time.

Glee’s Ohio and New York sets are right next to each other on the Paramount Lot, so there’s definitely the potential for the actors to run into one another during filming. Yet, while there will be plenty of scenes at McKinley in the first few episode of Season 4, E! reveals that “most” of the the action will focus on what goes down in New York City. Translation: Expect a lot more Rachel Berry. She may have graduated high school, but don’t think for a second that Rachel’s not still the star of this show.

Source: E! Online

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