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The Walking Dead

How Would Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Survive a Real Zombie Apocalypse? Bunny Slippers Are Involved…

Daryl Dixon is the best thing that could've happened to The Walking Dead. It's hard to imagine the AMC show without him — and specifically without Norman Reedus's dirty-scruffy-sexy embodiment — but the character wasn't in the original comic book series. Now he's a fan favorite, with his own cult and his own cult backlash.

Obviously Daryl's a badass, but how would Norman survive a real zombie apocalypse? Sounds like he's a lot more of a city mouse.

On The Walking Dead Season 3 (starts October 14, baby!), Daryl will be reunited with his not-so-awesome brother, Merle (Michael Rooker). Entertainment Weekly asked the Dixon bro actors how they would survive a real zombie takeover.

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Norman: "How I would fare in a real apocalypse? I would probably just hide, actually. I'm kind of a wimp.”

Michael: "I'd come find you.” (Aww!) He said with all of their training from the show, they would probably do well. Norman agreed, but stuck to his original plan.

Norman: "I would hide. I'd be in some penthouse apartment, like, just terrified. In pajamas with the doors locked."

Michael kept trying to get him to up his cool factor.

Michael: "No, you'd get up in a tree and just hang out."

Norman: "A tree rather than a penthouse apartment? No, I'd be in a penthouse apartment."

Michael: "Come on, man!"

Norman: "With fuzzy bunny slippers."

Pajama party at Norman’s! If that’s how the real zombie apocalypse plays out, sign us up tomorrow.

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Norman seems like a blast, bunny slippers and all. AMC asked The Walking Dead director Guy Ferland "Who's the biggest clown on set?" and he answered, "The biggest joker, who always lightens everything up and gets everybody to laugh no matter how big the scene, is Norman. Norman will always do something that is kind of jokey or comedic just to get people to laugh because he likes people smiling. One day they thought he might have injured his arm but he still had to do some motorcycle riding in the next episode. A doctor came to the set and was doing check-up on him. I noticed that while he was getting his blood pressure checked he was still smoking a cigarette. The show is full of moments like that."

Does that sound like a wimp? No way. Sounds like Daryl Motherf--king Dixon!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, AMC

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