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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Dishes On The Real Housewives Drama: “I Was SO OVER IT!”

Sunday’s night episode of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey saw a lot of yelling, a lot of tears, and a LOT of drama. But one person who was curiously missing for most of it was Teresa Giudice’s sometimes BFF, Jacqueline Laurita. As the other ladies dueled it out in the living room, the former Vegas girl wasn’t calling anyone’s bluff, instead choosing to fold her hand and opt for an early bedtime.

Though we can’t imagine how anyone could get some shut eye with the Jersey girls yelling in the next room, Jacqueline swears she was “actually sleeping” in her Bravo blog this week. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t ready to tell us all about her feelings on the fight, Caroline Manzo’s outburst, and the state of her friendship with Teresa.

“The petty, redundant drama was like static in my ears or like nails on a chalkboard...Caroline was being REAL while others were not. I, personally, couldn't take the fighting anymore ... I was SO OVER IT!”

But, something she did manage to care about was the fact that Teresa’s relationship with In Touch was out in the open, once and for all. “FINALLY the truth was told ON CAMERA! FINALLY!” she wrote, “We ALL knew the truth.”

What do you think? Should Jacqueline have stayed up and supported Caroline?