Kelsey Grammer Says Camille’s Behavior Was “Unacceptable” in Front of Their Children
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kelsey Grammer Says Camille’s Behavior Was “Unacceptable” in Front of Their Children

Last night, OWN aired an interview with Kelsey Grammer for Oprah’s Next Chapter. The public spectacle of his divorce from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer was a frequent topic of conversation — especially because Kelsey’s new wife, Kayte, joined him for a portion of the interview. While he refused to use Camille’s name, he and Kayte shared some opinions on why his previous marriage fell apart and why his new wife doesn’t deserve the “other woman” label.

Kelsey claimed that the real tension between him and Camille began because, “She always wanted to be famous and was angry that she’d given up so much to be with me.” According to Kelsey, their marriage was over “as soon as it began.”

In Season 1 of RHoBH, Kelsey’s decision to leave Camille after 13 years of marriage appeared to blindside the blonde reality star. “It’s a reality show, so it’s a show,” Kelsey told Oprah, implying that his ex was playing up her surprise for the cameras. “I made a couple of quick appearances to honor that deal of it and bequeathed to this person — because obviously that was kind of ending — a new life.”

The relationship between Kelsey and Camille is currently “not good,” the Boss star admitted. While they have arranged joint-custody between their two children, Mason and Jude, Kelsey said it wasn’t easy to come to that point. “Some very bad things were said, some threats were made, and some extremely unacceptable behavior took place in front of the children, which makes it impossible for us to pretend we can be civil. It needs to be handled by other people,” he told Oprah.

When Kayte joined Kelsey, Oprah asked about her relationship with his children. Kayte said, “They’re lovely kids. They’re fantastic.” When Oprah said that Camille deserved credit for how well they turned out “‘cause that doesn’t happen by itself,” Kayte continued, “Yeah, I’m sure they hear bad things about me.”

“They were asked to say and feel certain things,” Kelsey jumped in shortly after, adding that the children had warmed up to Kayte quickly.

While Kayte admitted it was hard to have “people judging you and not knowing anything about the truth,” she said that she did want him to end his marriage and move on with her.

As far as being painted as “the other woman,” Kayte said, she’s not proud of the way her relationship with Kelsey began, “but, you know, I fell in love.”


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