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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Producer: Aria Will Discover the Fitz Family Skeletons – Exclusive

On last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, we were shocked to find out that Ezra might have a child with ex-girlfriend Maggie. Does this mean that his possible baby mama will be sticking around Rosewood? Wetpaint Entertainment talked to producer Oliver Goldstick about the Maggie problem and what this could possible mean for Ezria.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What about Ezra’s baby mama, Maggie? What should we know about her?
Oliver Goldstick: It's a great twist, and it really shows more insight into Ezra's background, another glimpse that’s maybe chilling to some. It's a great complication Aria and Ezra – Ezria, as a lot of people call them – because I believe that one of the things she's been insulated from with this relationship is dealing with issues that are beyond the scope of a high school student. This becomes one of those issues that I don’t think most high school kids would know how to react to or negotiate. It's a very grown up relationship issue which they were ready for after a couple of years, and it’s a big hurdle. Her parents were a major hurdle. This becomes the second hurdle.

And is Maggie sticking around?
Possibly. You will see her more than once. I’ll put it that way.

Is this a serious obstacle in their relationship?
It could turn out to be that and as we get into the next season, the season that starts in January, it can. Aria's met Ezra’s little brother. She's met his mother, and she's going to become more involved with his family than she ever suspected she could be or would be. Given the furtive nature of the relationship for so long, it ends up taking an interesting turn when Aria's actually spending more time with his brother and even his mother than she is with Ezra, in future episodes. Post-finale, Aria gets to know his family pretty well, pretty intimately, skeletons and all, is what I'm saying.

Well, that's good because Ian Harding has been waiting for something like this. He wants to be A, but I take it this is good enough for the man?
He's got some good stuff coming up. He's definitely taking advantage of it, too.

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