RHONY’s Heather Thomson: LuAnn Probably Didn’t Cheat on Jacques
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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY’s Heather Thomson: LuAnn Probably Didn’t Cheat on Jacques

On The Real Housewives of New York Season 5, Episode 13: “Pirate Booty Call,” the Housewives worked themselves into a tizzy over LuAnn de Lesseps's late-night rendezvous with Johnny Depp lookalike Tomas, an event that LuAnn denied to her fellow Housewives but admitted on the phone — and in front of the camera.

During the episode Heather Thomson seemed especially distressed about the goings-on. She said she heard LuAnn that night, and was convinced it was Tomas that LuAnn had over. In her Bravo blog about the episode, Heather clarifies exactly what she overheard, and weighs in on whether or not she thinks LuAnn cheated on her hunky French boyfriend, Jacques.

Heather begins her account of that fateful night by explaining, "Carole and I leave the group well before the clock strikes 12 and we go back to the house and off to our beds." But, alas, Heather's night didn't end there. "Later that night, I don't remember what time, Lu comes a knocking on my door to try to get me up for a nightcap. She is with someone but they are not sneaking around. They are being very loud. I go back to bed. "

The next day, Heather and Carole touch base and exchange stories about LuAnn's activity. "[Carole] heard the commotion and folks speaking French," Heather explains in her blog. "I am actually feeling awkward about Lu talking about these Italians that she brought home and I am very conflicted because she and I both know that it was Tomas."

But before you accuse Heather of pointing fingers, get this: She doesn't think LuAnn cheated on Jacques. "I don't believe anything but partying happened last night because I know how Lu feels about Jacques."

If that's true, why the lies? Heather's not sure, and she agrees that "[LuAnn] is making it worse by weaving up this complicated, cockamamie story," adding, "LuAnn is digging a hole for herself and I wish she would clue me in on her thinking because I would have made every attempt to stop her!"

Do you think that Heather is right about LuAnn staying faithful? And if she is, why is LuAnn lying? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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