Snooki Admits That She Needs Adult Diapers Post-Pregnancy
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Snooki Admits That She Needs Adult Diapers Post-Pregnancy

Snooki in diapers? We never thought we’d see the day … or at least we thought we would have to wait at least five decades to see it.

New mom Snooki has been tweeting up a storm about her life with newborn Lorenzo, and she revealed an interesting little piece of info that almost all new mom know about: You sometimes have to wear diapers after you give birth.

“I'm legit an old lady,” Snooki tweeted on Tuesday. “Rockin’ the diapers with that old lady gangsta lean.”

Newly-popped ladies often have to wear diapers because they lose their bladder control shortly after giving birth. (Don’t worry, they gain it back eventually.) If you think that Snooki tweeting about her bladder control issues is a little TMI, remember that this is a girl who we have seen pee in public on Jersey Shore. A little Depends talk isn’t going to scare ol’ Snooks.

Of course, Snooki could also be talking about the special mesh underwear that many former pregnant ladies have to wear in the days following giving birth. The underwear comes with a special pad that is supposed to help clean up any post-birth bleeding. Glamorous, right?

We’re just glad that Snooki is being such a trooper about her whole recovery. We would be way too embarrassed to tweet about our special adult diapers!

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