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True Blood

Stephen Moyer Talks “Terrifying the Audience” in True Blood’s Bloody Season 5 Finale

As far as shocking finales go, True Blood Season 5’s final moments took the cake. In addition to the craziness of the explosive hour, a new character was introduced at the end of the episode: Billith.

“I think it would be safe to assume that what we thought was Bill is no longer Bill,” Stephen Moyer dished to TVLine. And while he wouldn’t divulge any details about whether Bill’s transformation was into vampire God, he would spill about his reaction to the script.

“When I read it I went through a moment of, 'Oh my f—ing God — Jesus!' And certainly a couple of people — Alex [Skarsgard] being one of them — called me going, 'Have you read it yet?!' It’s pretty out there,” Stephen recalled.

But during the actual scene, Stephen wanted to show a different side of Bill.

“One of the things I wanted to do was show fear in Bill’s eyes. Show that he’s absolutely clear that what he’s doing is the right thing until it starts to happen, and then we see the vulnerability in him of, 'F–k, what have I done?' And that was something I hope comes across,” Stephen spilled. “We [wanted] to freakin’ terrify the audience.”

And the final moment wasn’t the only terrifying part of the episode — in fact, it was far from it! There were vampires exploding all over the place, making for a bloody finish for Alan Ball’s last season as showrunner.

“We didn’t skimp on the death,” Stephen pointed out with a laugh. “During the table read for the episode, we were all going, 'Oh my f—ing God!' It was like every five seconds somebody exploded.”

But as for the explosive finale’s aftermath? We have to wait nine months to find out what Bill is up to next, but Stephen wouldn’t rule out turning Sookie.

“If that’s dramatically compelling and fun and great to watch, then so be it,” he said. “That’s awesome.”

You can read the rest of Stephen’s finale Q&A over at TVLine.

Source: TVLine

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