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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Unsolved Mysteries: Where’s Warlow?

Remember that perverted smoke monster who popped up in Sookie's bathroom a few weeks ago? The one that didn’t appear in the final episode? Way to fail at tying up that loose end, True Blood.

So far, we know that this mysterious vampire, Warlow, wants to huff Sookie's blood, but what does this mysterious vampire really want with our faerie princess? Could he be harnessing faerie blood so vamps can walk in the sun, à la Russell Edgington’s failed plan? Either way, it would have been great if Alan Ball had dished up some answers this season — otherwise what was the point of introducing Warlow's character?

According to Alan, Warlow will be "be kind of a big part" of True Blood's sixth season, so let's hope we learn a bit more about why he even knows about faeries (while all the other vampires are totally clueless), how he knew Sookie's great-great-great-grandparents, and — most importantly — why he can't just suck up some other faerie's blood? After all, Sookie is a mere hybrid — not to mention the fact that her faerie fluids have been nearly sucked dry by her former vampire lovers.

Basically, Warlow is a man — erm, vamp — of mystery until Season 6, but here's what we know so far:

1. He's an Ancient Vampire Who Knew Sookie’s Godmother — And Possibly Nora, Too!
Did you see the way Claudine scolded Warlow for killing Sookie's parents? It seemed like they went way back — possibly in the sack. Just putting it out there. And in the deleted scene from the finale, we saw Nora immediately recognize Warlow's name, which means she could have known him previously, too! So many mysteries, so little time.

2. Sookie's Relatives Sold Her to Warlow
Apparently, Sookie's ancestors agreed that the first female faerie in their family would be given to Warlow, which is a huge bummer for the Sookster. At this point, her neck is a vampire free for all.

3. Warlow Doesn't Necessarily Have a Physical Body
Warlow chose to communicate with Sookie by apparating in her bathroom, which begs the question: Does he even have a real body? We're starting to think he's the Lord Voldemort of Bon Temps — and Sookie's his horcrux.

Do you wish Warlow's character had been expanded upon this season? Sound off in the comments!

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