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Teen Mom

Amber Portwood Gives Up Her Parental Rights in Teen Mom’s Series Finale

It's been a rough season of infected dermal piercings and questionable taste in winter hats, and the time has come for Amber to make the hardest decision of her life. This poor gal has been through so much, and despite efforts to better herself, CPS still won't let her and Gary see each other while Leah's around. We can't even tell you how many songs Gary's written on his acoustic guitar about this. Sob!

During Teen Mom's penultimate episode, Amber decided to sign her parental rights over to Gary Bear, but it looks like she's having second thoughts — especially after she and Burly Shirley get into a huge fight about Leah's third birthday.

Here's what goes down: Amber has a dinner date with her new boyfriend Mike (wherein they discuss romantic things like her battery charges — swoon!), which causes Gary to fly into a jealous rage. Poor dude's so hurt that he decides to throw Leah a birthday party knowing "Plain Old Amber" can't come, which causes her to flop around on her leopard print Snuggie in tears.

Amber realizes that Gary might keep Leah from her, so she calls him up to dish her feelings and they get into a screaming fight. Our hearts are broken, Amber's giant heart earrings are swaying in the wind, and it looks like these two will have to duke it out in court.

Luckily, Gary calls Ambs to apologize, and our girl decides to forgive and forget. You know what that means, y'alls! Leah and Gary head to court to sign over her rights, and now Amber and Gary can hang out with Leah whenever they want!

Wow, talk about a bittersweet ending to Amber's story. We just hope this Teen Momma had a few wonderful moments with her family before being shipped off to the clink.

Are you happy with how Amber's chapter of Teen Mom wrapped up? Dish your thoughts below!

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