Farrah Abraham and Sophia Reunite in Teen Mom’s Series Finale
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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Reunite in Teen Mom’s Series Finale

You guys, we're worried about Farrah. Not only is she suffering from a bout of over-tanning, she's all on her lonesome with nary a love child in sight. Yep, Farrah's adorable daughter is visiting her grandparents back in Iowa for the month, and Farrah just can't handle being away from her "boo boo."

Poor Farrah spends most of the final episode of Teen Mom sobbing into a baseball bat, but that doesn't stop her from doing important things like learning the difference between a garnish and a twist. That's right, girlfriend is taking bartending classes. Get it, lady!

Luckily, Farrah has culinary school to keep her busy, and she spends her time doing important things like taking tests about whipped cream and making questionable-looking cannolis. Let's just say the ghost of Marlon Brando is sobbing in mobster heaven.

After Farrah finishes her first quarter with all A+'s (Go, girl!), she decides to switch up her life in Florida, so she signs her Honey Boo Boo up for art classes. The only thing missing? Baby Sophia! Farrah heads to Iowa to pick her kiddo up, and after an emotional reunion set to some emo music, she has lunch with her sister, Ashleigh. Annnnd, cue the waterworks.

Turns out Ash was proposed to while Farrah was gone, which inspires our girl to dish on the time Derek proposed to her and she turned him down. Suffice it to say, Farrah still has a lot to work on, but this gal has a strong head on her shoulders and we're sure she'll get through her rough patches one spoonful of Italian Hot Pepper Sauce at a time. We'll miss you, Farrah!

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