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Teen Mom

Gary Shirley Defends Himself After Farrah Abraham Calls Him a “Pig” on Twitter

We were on the floor weeping for most of Teen Mom's emotional finale –– especially during Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley's blow-out fight.

In the event that your wailing sobs deafened you, here's what happened: Amber started dating a new guy, causing Gary to fly into a jealous rage and ban her from seeing Leah. Some pretty hurtful words were exchanged, and Gary even threatened to keep Amber away from her baby gal forever. Way harsh!

Amber's co-star, Farrah Abraham, was quick to jump to her friend's defense, tweeting "@ItsGaryTime What a pig! Your horrible go get mental help for ambers sake P.O.S."

Apparently, Farrah thinks Gary's behavior makes him an unfit parent, and also said "To be honest Gary is so negative and I don't see how he is better to raise Leah then amber, get the point Gary! Learn to focus on Leah."

Meanwhile, Gary took it to Twitter to apologize for his behavior (he's since deleted the tweets), and defended himself against Farrah while doing so. "Sorry Farrah," Gary tweeted, "But you need to be nice to people sorry for my tweets not who I am."

Gary's harsh words were definitely upsetting, but let's not forget that he's Amber's biggest supporter most of the time. He always encourages her fans to send letters of support, takes Leah to see visit her on the regular, and never has one bad word to say about her. Forgive and forget, y'all.

Do you think Gary was too harsh with his baby mama?