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Glee Season 4: Ouch! Brittany Has a “Stage Catastrophe” in The Britney Spears Episode

Things will not exactly be going Brittany’s (Heather Morris) way when Glee returns for Season 4. Luckily, she’ll get some support from a couple of unlikely friends: Wemma!

Glee producer Brad Falchuk tells TV Line that the Britney Spears tribute episode which will be Season 4’s second episode will prominently feature Brittany again, and that it will be as hilarious as we would expect a Brittany-centric episode to be. “It’s one of the funniest episodes we have done,” Brad proclaims. Now that is high praise!

Unfortunately, the episode will involve Brittany going through a dark time in her life which makes sense given that she’s repeating high school, and she won’t have Santana (Naya Rivera) by her side so Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) does what he does best and decides to intervene. “Brittany is having some troubles, and Will and Emma come up with a plan to [cheer her up],” Brad says.

However, Schue might be off his game a bit when it comes to cheering people up, since his plan “backfires in a very bizarre way,” according to Brad. We’re not sure what this means, but when it comes to Glee, we like it when things get as bizarre as possible!

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And rumor has it that Brittany will experience “some sort of stage catastrophe” during the episode, according to William Keck of TV Guide. Then, a Glee fan tweeted a pic that may or may not be Brittany wearing a neck brace, which leads us to believe that Brit won’t be enduring just emotional pain in the episode.

It’s hard to know if this stage catastrophe contributes to Brittany being so down in the dumps, or if it’s the result of Will and Emma’s bizarre plan gone awry. Either way, we just wish we could help cheer our poor little Brittany up! (Maybe she hasn’t been spending enough time with her pal Lord Tubbington?)

Source: TV Line, William Keck on Twitter

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08.29.2012 / 09:39 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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